Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve party

I bought this BCBG max azria dress long ago, but I didn't wear it - it was to big. Now it fits perfectly;)

 Shoes - Guess by Marciano

Watch - Anna Klein
Earrings and necklace - Swarovski

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gold & Red

I've alredy chosen Orly Luxe nailpolish and red Dior lipstick for New Years Eve. And what about you?



Sales are tempting. You feel great when you get something for half price. frustrating is when you have to break through crazy shopping women and pyramids of clothes (that supposed to hang on the racks) to find something. This is the picture of Zara on sale days :)
Here are few pictures of Martyna and me from shopping mall. Just window shopping, tired of crowds and crazy shoppers. And me sneezing with red nose :( I bought only a giant golden bee ring with big red stone in H&M. I will show it for sure later!
And what about you? Do you buy clothes and accessories on sales? Or maybe you dont wait for lower price and buy clothes spontaneously?


H&M tunic, Mango leggins, wollen scarf, Prima Moda boots, Longchamp Le Pliage bag, Swarovski Padlock Bracelet, River Island Rhinestone Panda Ring, Orly Luxe Nail Polish

   All pieces of clothes are H&M, no name bag

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I would die for them

Well, I wear heels but I feel most comfortable in flats. I would just die for these I posted here - I love Miu Miu nude ones the most!
And which are your favourite? Do you like classy and shiny? Or maybe edgy and sweet like Marc Jacobs?


White shirt - always classy (and classic)

My dad's old shirt turned out to be great tunic! I just added black ribbon and voila!

Shirt - no name
Ribbon from different dress
Watch - KOMONO for Chez Maman
Rings - Apart

Monday, December 27, 2010

It's cooold!!! Warm clothes on!

I don't care that I look like muffin with whipped cream and cherry on the top (these are Maggie's words), but at least I'm warm :P

winter jacket - Carerina
scarf - no name
snow boots - Deichmann
leather handbag - no name
gloves - H&M
glasses - Ray Ban New Wayfarer
hat - no name

Sunday, December 26, 2010

2nd Day of Christmas

Most of the bars and clubs are closed on the 2nd Day of Christmas in Warsaw but we managed to meet and gift the presents with girls in Lorelei bar.
Lots of love to stylish Mom-to-be Martyna and her soon-to-be born girl Gabrielle :*


Maggy: Jeans H&M Shirt, Zara Woman Pleated Skirt, vintage silver pearl bracelet, Guess watch

Julia: grey blouse, checked skirt - 2handshop, leather boots - Zara. I had also beautiful fur jacket and favourite swatch on my wrist.

Martyna: gold tunic Promod, leggins H&M, handmade black ribbon (I used old tights and one earring from Kruk;)

Ps. Lots of love for the two stylish aunts-to-be :****

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Classy First Day of Christmas

Is all-black outfit to sad for Christmas? I added invincible nude Zara heels to break the black look.
Ready to have a dinner with Granny!

Zara Woman Pleated Mini Skirt, River Island blouse, H&M ribbon belt, Zara nude heels, Kruk pearl necklace


Well, I didn't shoot my Christmas Eve dinner outfit (like Martyna did - shame on me! ), but I made a picture of my hair.
As a teenager I thought that only long loose hair are sexy. How wrong was I! High bun is the quintessence of feminity. And every girl wants to feel like a ballerina from time to time ;)


And some inspiration...