Monday, January 31, 2011

w h i t e t r i p

WINTER was cruel this season. we hardly had been meeting with girls and days runned faster then they should... Everybody had so much duties and promises to fulfill that we've almoust forgot about our dearest. And  time pass has no mercy.. Two weeks ago I decided to take a walk with Martyna through familiar places in neighbourhood and stop for a while just to enjoy our existance. Take a look how the sunday sun brought back memories and helped us to cope with present situation.

My Muse is wearing cobalt hat from atmosphere and white gloves (a gift from mum). This wonderful grey jacket is from vintage shop. I need to add that Martyna is one of the few person which I love taking photo of !. Her self confidence and spontaneity in front of lens is pure pleasure for an amatour photographer :)

xxx julie

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pleated skirt & Hunters

There was nobody at home to document my outfit so I made the picture like you see it - with my friend mirror :) I work in marketing departament so I don't have to follow business attire so much. I put my Hunter wellingtons on and went to work with a smile, although it was raining. I just love them!


              Pleated Zara Skirt, Mango Basic t-shirt, Zara Basic cardigan, H&M shawl, H&M ribbon belt, 
              Hunter Wellingtons

::::::::::::Welcome gift:::::::::::::

I came back to Paris on Monday and I decided to buy myself a welcome gift ;) It is a pair of ballerinas with shiny stones.
  Now it's still a bit cold, but I can wear them with warm, cotton tights.

Long sweater/dress - Royal Collection
Ballerinas - no name, bought in one of the parisian little boutiques 

This nail ornament I got from Maggie :) To lable our nails? Why not? :P

Ring - Kruk 


Wednesday, January 19, 2011


One word for my spring/summer 2011: A MUST! :)

I think I will go for classic Tommy Hilfiger models. Which pair would you choose?


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby Shower!!!

We made a Baby Shower for Martyna and her little born-to-be Gabrielle last Thursday and I really can't remember when I had so much fun with girls last time! It was a little surprise for Martyna, 'cause we decorated my and Patrick's place with pink and pearl balloons and prepared small healthy catering. We were sipping wine and for Martyna we provided non-alcoholic bubbles (so hard to open!). Also she had to guess the taste of baby jar food :) 
Ania prepared quizes with pregnant celebrities and young stars (gosh! sometimes I am a true blonde!) and Martyna II (nickname: Trol, curly dark hair) brought muffins to make. We decorated them - so much fun! My sister Agatha ( the lovely red head :)  had earrings perfect for this occasion! 

And last but not least - we made dolls for Gabrielle and a charm bracelet for Mommy Martyna - we collected vintage beads and every of them was put on a thread with a wish for Gabrielle straight from our hearts.

All the best for Martyna the Mommy ! :*



Friday, January 14, 2011

Marina Memories

Hey! We all three are ultra busy that's why we don't write every day. Promise it will change soon!
I am posting here my favourite match for winter - sailor stripes blouse and Hermes shawl. It reminds me so much of sunny days at the seaside!

Yesterday we organised Babyshower for Martyna and little born-to-be Gabrielle. Pictures soon! I promise :)


                  Zara Basic blouse, Hermes shawl, Padlock Swarovski Bracelet,  Rhinstone Fox River Island Ring

Monday, January 10, 2011

Preppy Style

I am soooo into Preppy Style. I like classic. Many people find it boring but this is style that I feel most comfortable with. Many bloggers show new ideas for clothing - I appreciate it, fashion needs fresh air. But when I start to put some extravagance into my wardrobe - this is baaad... ;) it looks just tacky and I feel overdressed - like a Christmas Tree.
So I won't try here to do something different. I will stay preppy :) Hope you like it!


Here some definitions and history of preppy style... :)

Wikipedia says: preppypreppie, or prep (all abbreviations of the word preparatory) refers to a modern, widespread United States clique, sometimes considered a youth subculturePreppy is a chiefly North American adjective or noun traditionally used in relation to northeastern private university-preparatory schools and denotes a person seen as characteristic of an attendee of these schools. Characteristics of preppies include a particular subcultural speech, vocabulary, accent, dress, mannerisms, and etiquette. Preps often are associated with traditionalist, East Coast, upper class "WASP" families in the United States.
The word is particularly well-known amongst American teenagers, as it is quite often used to refer to a particular subculture present within most populous American high schools: the traditionally "popular kids", generally consisting of the children of middle to upper class families, typically characterized (especially by Hollywood in films such as John HughesSixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club) as a shallow, transparent group, who are primarily concerned with extrinsic things, the three most obvious of which are probably popularity (generally within their own high school), physical appearance and material possessions. However, when used in this sense, the word is considered slightly more "slang-ish" when it is shortened to the term "prep(s)".
In the U.S. region of New England, the term is not necessarily pejorative or even related to class, as "preppy" clothing is relatively normative. This style shows preps in a more positive light, as documented in The Official Preppy Handbook. They are painted as a group who are well educated, well connected, & although exclusive, are courteous to other social groups without creating a serious relationship with them.

Brands such as Brooks BrothersAbercrombieL.L. BeanRalph LaurenVineyard VinesLilly PulitzerElizabeth McKayLacoste,J. Crew, and J. Press are frequently perceived as preppy styles. Examples of preppy attire include button down Oxford cloth shirts, argyle sweaters, cuffed chinosmadrasNantucket Reds and boat shoes.
In 1980, the author and private school alumna Lisa Birnbach edited The Official Preppy Handbook, a tongue-in-cheek guide to what she termed "prepdom". Birnbach, with Chip Kidd, have authored True Prep, a followup to the 1980 handbook, published September 2010 by Knopf.
Preppy fashion became popular in the 1980s and enjoyed a revival in the 2000s, as did the related style of "Ivy League" or "Trad" clothing.

And here some inspirations that I've found for you in Web...