Monday, January 31, 2011

w h i t e t r i p

WINTER was cruel this season. we hardly had been meeting with girls and days runned faster then they should... Everybody had so much duties and promises to fulfill that we've almoust forgot about our dearest. And  time pass has no mercy.. Two weeks ago I decided to take a walk with Martyna through familiar places in neighbourhood and stop for a while just to enjoy our existance. Take a look how the sunday sun brought back memories and helped us to cope with present situation.

My Muse is wearing cobalt hat from atmosphere and white gloves (a gift from mum). This wonderful grey jacket is from vintage shop. I need to add that Martyna is one of the few person which I love taking photo of !. Her self confidence and spontaneity in front of lens is pure pleasure for an amatour photographer :)

xxx julie